Runtime Error R6002 – Causes and How to Fix it Easily

Runtime Error R6002 – Causes and How to Fix it Easily

Today, computers are prone to developing all kinds of errors in them which makes them non-functional for a while. One such error is runtime error r6002.

Causes of Runtime Error R6002

Several causes exist behind this error. One of the most prominent ones is a broken link. This link apart from causing the run time error 06002 can also produce other errors like the computer not responding to any instruction at times. If the software has not been properly installed it can also produce such errors. Apart from that, the use of the internet without any anti-virus software can make your computer applications get infected with spyware and viruses. Such viruses can produce missing links inside your registry causing such errors.

So What is Windows Registry?

Runtime error r6002 can be caused by a fault in the windows registry. At this place, Windows stores all its hardware data and files that regulate the operations of these registry entries. Such entries are important because Windows uses them for making documents and accessing the user profiles. All the programs of the PC are stored in this place too. This kind of error can cause the computer to freeze occasionally which displaying the screen message runtime error r6002 floating point support not loaded. There is no need to panic when you get such a message on the screen as fixing it is quite easy.

How to Fix Runtime Error R6002

Any time you see the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error r6002 error, there’s no need to feel scared. You can either install repair software for it that will scans all the errors and fix them or do it yourself It will also enhance the efficiency of your PC. Apart from that, you can also diagnose other errors with it. Such registry cleaners don’t take much time in repairing the error, except for some minutes. You might not be able to do a registry cleaning on your own as you are unaware of the registry entries, which are causing such errors.

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