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Samsung Omnia Lite - Samsung's New Omnia Touch Screen - Programming Codex

Samsung Omnia Lite – Samsung’s New Omnia Touch Screen

The Samsung Omnia Lite is a phone meant for those who enjoy working and having fun while on the move. With fabulous features, great style and simple functions, the new Omnia Lite is a mobile phone that is here to impress.

Being budget oriented, this Samsung phone does not have frills and excesses that several other mobiles boast of. It is perfect for the hardworking, fun-loving executive. The Samsung Omnia Lite has a smart and sleek look with a nice honey comb pattern stenciled on the back, adding to its elegance. The display is not too large but it not small either. At 3-inches, the screen is large enough to give you clear images and text.

The screen has a resolution of 240×400 pixels and supports 65K colours. This guarantees you images in good color and clarity. The keyboard is also simple and easy to use with the QWERTY format. This latest Samsung phone gives the user a chance to enjoy the joys of touch screen too. This is further enhanced by the TouchWiz2 technology which enables you to flip, scroll and zoom images with a simple touch.

The Omnia Lite works on Windows OS which can be upgraded as new versions are released. There is a Windows Office Suite which allows you to create, view and edit MS Office documents while on the go. A PDF viewer permits you to open and view PDF documents too.

This new Samsung device is excellent in terms of internet connectivity and accessibility. The internet experience is accessed by features like Opera Browser and HSDPA & Wi-Fi connectivity. The Opera browser enables you to view, search and navigate web pages with ease.

Infrared technology is not present but Bluetooth with A2DP is available. A-GPS, the navigation software, will let you know you location and co-ordinates at any point of time.

The widget based home screen gives you news, weather updates and other details on your mobile, anywhere, at any time. You can download more widgets and add them to your home screen.

With an inbuilt memory of 250 MB and an external memory capacity of up to 32 GB, the Samsung Omnia Lite permit users to store large number of contact and their details. In addition to this, the phone maintains a significantly large and detailed call register. This is a boon for those who make and receive several calls in a day.

There are so many other useful applications too. These include features like calendar, organizer, voice memo, Java emulator, photo album, notes, multimedia player, file manager and so on.

This phone is not all about work ether. It is perfect for entertainment too. There are games installed and you can download more. The media features are great. This phone supports polyphonic, MP3 and WAV ring tones. The devices video player supports the following formats – DivX, H263, H264, MPEG4, WMV9 and xVID. Audio player supports the AAC, MP3 and WMA formats. Combine this with a 3 mega pixel camera with smile detection, zoom and geo tagging features and you get a powerful and useful mobile phone.

Other features include FM radio, video calling, speaker phone, MP3 player, GPRS and so on. In all, the Omnia Lite truly gives you your moneys worth.

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