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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Video Marketing - Programming Codex

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Video Marketing

Video is certainly one of the powerful tools to promote a business, products or services. The primary advantage of a video over other conventional media (such as print, new articles, audio) is that it engages more than one sense, and they are visionary, auditory and emotional senses. More prospects are engaged in the process and hence more possibility of getting accepted by the people.

Majority of the people show their willingness to watch a video rather than reading news articles. Unlike other modes of communication, videos can convey much more than that could be conveyed through other communication media. A video can effectively demonstrate the usability of product or service – it not only says but also shows.

Video makes it simple for the people to know about the products and services; business can easily promote themselves via informative and instructional videos that are useful to people (unlike commercial ads which people often avoid). A superior advantage that videos have over other marketing methods is that they possess the viral advantage over audios, e-books, articles, blogs etc. A viral video will increase the visibility of your business website, creates brand awareness and attracts to your website.

Other advantages of video marketing include:

Cost -effectiveness: It is comparatively less expensive to produce a video. You don’t need a good professional camera to shoot a video nor you need to be a professional videographer; a simple digital camera can serve the purpose. Also, posting a video to popular video sites like You tube, video.Google, etc is completely free.

Less Competition: Majority of webmasters publicizes their sites through articles and blogs; just a small amount of people uses videos to promote their business. Hence little competition exists in this process.

Hyper Activity: Videos are hyper active. They are very quick and efficient to draw the attention of the viewers. You can post a simple video (informative and useful one) and thousands of comments flow to it in just a short period.

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