Simple PHP

Simple PHP

PHP, if you are a total computer neophyte like me, stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor,” and it is used for embedding HTML scripting to construct vibrant Web pages. What it does for your Web pages is to improve your web interactivity, and this, in turn, will greatly increase your website usability. Putting this in terms we’ll all understand, what it does is to superpower your conversion rates and sales!

Once you have learned the secrets to Simple PHP in this book, you will be able to:

• Straightforwardly personalize your pages.

• Create simply. htaccess code used for yourself.

• Encode quizzes, games, as well as other lead-building tools.

• Create your autoresponder.

• Combine PHP with JavaScript for a truly awesome combination.

If you know just a tiny bit about computer languages, you will think to yourself “strange, there are thousands of totally free PHP scripts available on the Internet, why to bother reading this dude’s book?” Because my friend, it’s not having the codes that make the difference, it’s knowing how to install them, that’s the trick!

Whoa, you may say, you forget that I do not have a Master’s degree in computer science! Guess what? You don’t need one to read and thoroughly understand what this author is trying to tell you. It’s all been broken down in plain simple English. This downloadable manual covers:

• 17 different “newsletter-style” chapters.

• 148 pages in all so that everything gets explained easily.

• Examples of the source code you will need – 22 working snippets!

• After-chapter quizzes to test your skills.

• Maximize learning by taking weekly assignments.

Also, there is a full money-back 90-day guarantee. Thus if you’re not satisfied, you get your money back, quickly and simply.

In addition to this Simple PHP book, you will also receive:

• NameRazor – an astounding generator of program names for your newly created programs, web sites, or info products

• Essential Video Tutorials – that will show you the step-by-step installation of your PHP and CGI scripts onto your server. This consists of more than 108 minutes of special coaching videos that will allow you to:

a. Generate MySQL databases from Cpanel

b. Populate the MySQL databases by using ‘myPHPadmin’

c. Upload files using FTP client such as with

d. Change the permissions/mode files while simply using FTP client

e. Create and delete files/folders while only using FTP client

f. Edit your configuration files of various scripts

g. Run your setup procedures of scripts

h. Set up the cron job from Cpanel

i. ‘Pipe the email’ to be able to accept email subscriptions

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