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Sinus – Pressure, Congestion – Swift Relief Through Acupressure


We have been impressed by the notion, and we have believed it, that medicine is just about the only healing system that can be trusted because, basically, it is scientific. Medicine, indeed, does wonderful things for us. If I need surgery, or break a leg or have a bad infection, had a heart attack or have some other health problems that I am not sure what it is, I go to see a physician. I thank my Maker for them. But there are some lesser health issues we can take care of if we know how to do it. Considering that one can be over-medicated and that nearly all medications have side effects it is good to know healing alternatives. Two health issues that can often be treated by using a natural healing system at home are sinus pressure and congestion.

I suffered these two ailments for many years. Two years ago I found a cure. One of the things I have used successfully for those two ailments is acupressure. This healing system is based on the premise that the body has a bio-energy-circulation system similar to the blood circulation system. When the former is in any way impaired the organs and other parts of the body cannot  function properly, but when properly stimulated it can help restore health to an affected area. For example, there are several acupressure points to decongest and to release sinus pressure. Let me share the basics of one of them. If you do it properly your sinuses should begin to drain within minutes–although in some cases it may take as much as a half hour to achieve this:

At the center of the back of the upper neck, where the skull bones end and the soft tissue begins, there is a very sensitive spot. This is the acupressure point. Were you to press there with your middle finger for 3 minutes, very likely your sinuses would begin to drain and your pressure or congestion relieved. At the beginning you may want to do this several times a day whenever pressure begins to build up. Later on, as the sinuses are healed, you may want to reduce this number.

Whenever a person allows the mucus in the sinuses to accumulate–with the resulting pressure–she or he runs the risk of a sinus infection from mucus stagnation. This is one important reason to maintain the sinuses draining normally–sinuses normally produce between one to two pints of mucus per day. There are other considerations that should be taken into account to avoid sinus pressure and congestion, in the first place. For example, certain foods, irritants, allergies, smog, etc. Keeping the sinuses clear by using acupressure is a step in the right direction for healthy sinuses.


Source by Paul Sanchez

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