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Skills to Look Out For in an iPhone Developer


As the world has gone mobile, the number of users using the iPhone has also grown drastically. Now with the latest models in the market, the penetration of iPhones is bound to increase. As more and more users start using the iPhone, it becomes imperative for companies to have their mobile application on the iOS platform to cater to this segment.

While, it is slightly easier to find a good Android developer, finding an expert iOS developer can be quite a challenging task. So, we will give you a list of skills you should look out for to choose the best iPhone developer:

1. An iPhone developer should be an expert of Objective C. This is the core programming language that is used for iPhone mobile application development.

2. An iPhone developer should have reasonable expertise in the APIs used for OS X and iOS operating systems.

3. An iPhone developer should have good working knowledge of using Xcode and iOS SDK. Xcode is the environment that is used for iOS app development and is the developer’s best friend. It would be a bonus if they also have knowledge of Cocoa Touch framework.

4. An iPhone developer should have good understanding of using the Interface Builder. This app will help the developer to create great quality designs for the app they are developing.

5. An iPhone developer must have sufficient proficiency in creating a great UI/UX experience. They should be thorough with Core Graphics, Core Animation & Core Location that play a major role in delivering a great app.

6. An iPhone developer should have at least 2-3 years of experience in developing mobile apps on the iOS platform. It is preferable if they have published their apps on the App store so that they are aware of the app publishing guidelines.

Apple and its iOS is the 2nd most adopted Operating System Worldwide for Mobile Devices. iOS by Apple Inc. is used for all its iPhone and iPad Devices. iOS holds a 13.2% share of the Mobile OS Market today. It is essential to capture this huge share of the Mobile OS Market because more than 70% Internet Users access the Internet via Mobile Devices.

Over and above the above mentioned technical skills, they should be good at communication so that you can work with them with ease. Also, prefer to choose a developer who can work in your time zone.


Source by Sarah Tylor

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