Software in Current Scenario

The word “information” is such a word, whose dimension cannot be defined. Each and every organization, institution or company require information to achieve excellence in their respective field. The human race has witnessed various revolutions like, green revolution, white revolution in the field of agriculture and milk respectively. Today we are talking about one more, revolution. There is nothing new to surprise. This new revolution, which the world is going to witness, is information revolution.

There are large number of factors which are contributing in this scenario, for instance new methods to increase crop yield, invention of new machines for producing efficient instruments, various space shuttles and satellites being launched to get exact information regarding weather communication or mobile technologies. If we analyze deeply then we will come to know, the primary factor or unit which is responsible for all the development work is software.

This is one and only software which is the turning point of information revolution. The software is acting like a catalyst in overall growth and development process. As most of you will be aware that software is constructed on the basis of programming languages and software tools like, C, C++, JAVA, Visual Basic,.Net, Component Object Programming, Active- X, C# and operating systems like Windows, UNIX or Linux.

The most interesting and enjoyable factor while learning or understanding the software development process is its evolutionary phase. Whenever software professional get confronted with any type of complication, then he starts modifying the existing language, try to connect it with other software tools or programs. Therefore whenever we look at any new programming language we often see that a large number of features of the existing languages are again used with certain new modification, which is capable of removing our existing complications.

In this way, by removing complication we are moving toward information revolution. The software professional by using logical analysis and reasonable manipulation provide solution to each and every problem. The issue can be related to agriculture, medical diagnosis, advance research like genome construction or the launch of space shuttle. The software helps in achieving the assigned mission comfortably.

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