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Software Tool For Developing Desktop Applications

Software Tool For Developing Desktop Apps


This review offers a list of examples of various tools you can use for developing software. Towards the end of the article, I also mention some free tools you can use. Take a few minutes and read the entire review. You will be glad you did – believe me!

Linux development tools for developing desktop application

If you are looking for Linux development tools then you should check our Apache, MySQL, and PHP. These can be installed on both Windows and Linux. These are good especially if you want to run the applications in windows after they are fully developed.

What I like about Apache is that its maintenance is quite easy and comes well documented. If you are looking for a full Linux/Apache combination you can just download and run Ubuntu. You can also use Kubuntu, which is Debian based. It generally offers ease of use and is updated regularly. Another alternative is Ubuntu (Gnome).

Some examples of software development tools

In addition to the ones I have already presented above, some of the software tools for developing desktop applications include, Apple Xcode, XVT, Clarion, CodeGear, Ebase Platform, Gambas, Gupta, WinDev, Habanero, REALbasic, Microsoft Visual Basic, Panther, Lazarus, RADvolution Designer, Runtime Revolution, The Virtual Enterprise, C++, Microsoft Visual Foxpro, and MX-Frame.

Free Software tool for developing desktop applications

Now if you are looking for free application development software then you can try java. You can also get some compilers of C++ and C at no cost. Numerous sites offer a free trial and free software downloads that you can visit.


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