Software Tools – A List of Tools Used by Different Industries

Software tools are also known as software development tools or programming tools. It is an application that is useful in order to create or debug other programs. It is also important in maintaining or supporting other applications. When programs are combined, then the task is easily accomplished.

The early uses of these tools extend to the point when loaders, control programs and linkers were used in the market. Back then, the tools were lightweight and simple. Now, they have been integrated to form part of the so-called integrated development environments or IDEs.

List of software tools

Software programs vary according to different categories. The general classification of these software includes tools for performance analysis, debugging, static analysis and formal verification, memory usage, application build and correctness or checking. Below are some of the list of the basic tools, the IDEs and other programs:

· Basic software. The basic software tools comprise of bug databases such as Bugzilla, LibreSource and SharpForge as well as build tools like Make, Apache Ant and Rake. It also involves code coverage and code sharing sites. Forming part of the list of the tools in this category are debuggers, disassemblers, library interface generators, integration tools and formal methods.

· Integrated development environments (IDEs). When two or more features of various tools are combined, then IDEs become an end result. This type of software is simpler and has the capacity to make a task easier. Using this tool is pretty much applicable in larger enterprises. The most common examples of IDEs are Delphi, XCode, Eclipse, NetBeans, WinDev and Lazarus. Microsoft Visual Studio, IBM Rational Application Developer and GNAT Programming Studio are also included in the list.

· Other software tools. There are also other categories of software development tools such as scripting languages, revision control, memory corruption detectors, memory leak detection and refactoring browser.

There are hundreds or even thousands of software tools out in the market today. Each service provider also introduces its own set of programming tools to its patrons. Your choice depends on what your business requires or what your personal needs are.

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