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The Advantages of Blogging

I have talked about this numerous times, whether it is with potential clients, clients or other virtual assistants. There are so many advantages of switching over your current website to a blog. Here a few reasons why you should switch over today.

Updates: to update a website, you need an application like Macromedia Dreamweaver. To do more advanced website changes, you will need to hire a programmer if you don’t have those skills. With a WordPress blog, it’s as easy as going to a tab called “Presentation” and updating the necessary information. When I first started using WordPress, I thought the layout was easy and everything was right there for me. It was easy to add categories, posts, and pages. It even gives you the option of writing your posts by a design view or entering the code for each post, as well as with pages.

Customization: to customize your blog it’s as easy as uploading a template in some cases. The WordPress blog allows you to change almost the whole template with the exception of keeping the same look. If you know HTML, there is a lot you can do with the customization process. You can add JavaScript to the sidebars and header, you can change the look of the sidebars, and you can change the font colours throughout the website and so much more.

Traffic: When I tell people about my WordPress blog, they sometimes ask how traffic statistics are. Well, for an example, I’ve had over 3,000 people visit my other website, Virtual Assistant’s Assistant, since the launch in May 18, 2007. That’s two months! I couldn’t believe it!

Ratings: Your rating in Alexa and Google are increased when you transfer to a blog as well. I remember when I launched my business; I was on page 18 or something crazy when I typed in “virtual assistant.” That has drastically increased! Since the blog sites are easier for the search engine bots to read, your websites rating increases that much more!

Feed Reader: By having a RSS feed, a lot more people can access your website. They can set-up your website in their FeedDemon account, which people will receive automatic updates on your blog. They can even comment on your posts!

There are so many ways that a blog website will help you increase traffic to your website and allow for easier and less time spent updating your website.

Looking forward to sharing many successes with you!

Trina Lamarche

Efficient VA

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