The Boelen’s Python Habitat

The Boelen's Python Habitat

The New Guinea Black Python, or Boelen’s Python, is found in certain mid-mountain Rainforests at an altitude of 1000-2000 meters. Little is known about this snake’s habits in the wild, which adds to the difficulty in maintaining this species in captivity. What we do know is that the area where Boelen’s are found is extremely difficult to reach and is still very isolated from the world. These snakes inhabit cloud forests. The ground is usually very damp in certain areas with vegetation with moderate to high levels of humidity and low light.

The snakes usually emerge from their nest sites in the early morning to bask in the sunlight before the cloud cover arrives. Within a matter of minutes, however, a bright hot day can turn into a very dark and cool day. The area was M. boiling inhabits usually does not exceed temperatures above 90 degrees while keeping the relatively high humidity but then in the evening drops to the mid-’40s.

This is where the Boelen’s body coloration plays a crucial role in their survival. In the few hours that they emerge, they can quickly absorb as much heat as possible because of their body’s dark coloration. Once they regulate their temperature, they will either briefly search for food or retreat into their burrows to maintain their body temperature through the course of the day.

Adult snakes tend to be more ground-dwelling then juveniles and are found living in rocky mountainsides and low-level forest areas. Juveniles tend to be more arboreal but frequently are found on the ground as well. This could just be more or less related to feeding behavior, or could just be a result as of juveniles is more inquisitive behavior.

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