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The Secrets of Social Bookmarking for SEO

The Secrets of Social Bookmarking for SEO


By now you might know that most good social bookmarking sites place nofollow commands on links, meaning that these are not useful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. So, you may rightly ask yourself if having a social bookmarking strategy is not helpful for getting top spots on Google. Is social bookmarking for SEO useless? Happily, the answer is no.

First of all, widespread exposition to your content on big sites can get you noticed on other, smaller sites that dofollow links. By having your work exposed on prestigious sites, you yourself gain prestige. Indirectly, this means links because people will not only read your current work but will also be more likely to read your future work if you become a respected voice in your niche market.

Secondly, there are a number of useful social bookmarking for SEO sites that dofollow links back. These websites are smaller in size and seem to appear and disappear a lot, so while they are not great in the long term, they are useful for a one time boost. Mind you, they won’t be sending lots of traffic your way, but they are providing a backlink to your site: no more and no less.

But there is a more important factor to take into account and which has to do with SEO and its dangers. A recent change in Google’s algorithm left thousands of companies in the U.S. floundering when they suddenly found they had dropped full pages on their Google rankings. They had gone from making a living to making virtually nothing in just one day. Social bookmarking can protect you against this. If you share helpful and important content on delicious or any other site, and your business is good, you can ‘transfer’ a portion of the community onto your site and make them regular clients. In this way, not only will you see a surge in revenue, but you will also protect your business against these sudden modifications in the Google algorithm.

In conclusion, social bookmarking for SEO is mainly an indirect process, but a useful one as long as you remember that content is still king and that you work patiently. By spending less than an hour a day – every day! – engaging users and luring them to your site, you will see solid long term results which will bring about a lot of positives for your business, making it more solid against the unforeseen changes that Google brings about.

I know, I just said content is king and some SEO’s out there may be wringing their hands. But that’s the whole point of a good social bookmarking for SEO strategy (aside from participation): sharing great content and getting it noticed by lots of other users and websites.


Source by Adam Chris

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