The Tantric Tradition of Genital Typing – Does Size Really Matter?

Have you ever wondered why some men and women fit together better than others?

Now when I say fit I am actually referring to genital fit. I know this may sound a bit cliché but it is true that not only can size make a difference, but so can the smell, taste, color and shape of a person’s genitalia.

It was part of the Tantric tradition to type the genitals of women and men in both the Indian and Taoist cultures. In classical Indian texts women are categorized into four distinct types which was a tradition maintained in the Tantric era. And there are similar classification systems found in the Taoist tradition and even in some Native American tribes.

Hindus not only classified women’s yoni type but they also categorized the size of sex organs for men. The value of typing genitalia varied from culture to culture but it was thought that by defining different yoni and lingam type’s one could understand the sexual preferences in lovemaking for that type of person. Matching the size closely together for both lingam and yoni was also considered important for sexual compatibility. In the Hindu tradition there are three types of yoni and lingam; the Hare, Bull and Horse for men and the Deer, Mare and Elephant for women. Animal names were often used as nature was a wonderful way to identify certain characteristics that were similar if not exact with humans.

The Taoist system seemed to be somewhat patriarchal to me, as they favored young virgins above other women and so limited their typing system.

But I found the Cherokee Indian system of genital typing to be very accurate and helpful in understanding the differences between women and men and how to sexually please each different type.

The Sweet Medicine Quodoushka is a form of Tantra that was supposedly developed by the Cherokee Indians, but it was primarily brought forward by Harley Swift Deer, a Cherokee Indian Medicine Man. Harley Swift Deer established the Metis Deer Tribe which is a whole Native American teaching that also includes sexuality.

It was many years ago, when I first began to study tantra with Lori Grace, that I learned about the Cherokee Indian Tantric system and its genital typing. It was a revelation to me at that time and the information I received seemed to be so accurate. In this system there are 9 types for both men and women and they are laid out on a medicine wheel.

There are 5 basic types and then 4 combinations which can make 9 types in all. For women, there are Deer, Wolf, Buffalo, Sheep and Dancing, and for men there are, Bear, Coyote, Deer, Horse and Dancing. But a man could be a combination of both a dancing man and a bear man, or as I like to call this type a Dancing Bear Man. Or a woman could be both a Sheep and Buffalo Woman. This would mean that she has the combined characteristics of both types. It has been my experience when teaching this information at a workshop that the women are pretty true to the characteristics identified in this system. The characteristics which are identified for men and women include: size of penis or vagina, taste of fluids, smell, distance between vaginal opening and clitoris, lubrication and location of G-Spot, temperature of fluids, the types of movement she/he might favor, positions for both sexes, how long it takes a person to orgasm and the type of orgasm they may have. (There are also 4 types of orgasm in this system) This system is so accurate that it is the primary one I use when I teach.

So you may be asking yourself at this time, what can studying this information do for me? Again the main reason that you would study this is so that you would become a better lover for your partner(s). The more information you have about a person’s sexual characteristics the better equipped you will be as a lover. I also find that when you understand the different characteristics that create a harmonious and compatible fit you will be able to either choose lovers with those characteristics or find other ways to make it work.

An example is the myth that all women like a large lingam. Well I am here to bust this myth because a woman who does not have a deep yoni, like a Wolf or Buffalo Woman will not find a Horse Man a very good fit. But she may find a Dancing Man just perfect. Wolf Woman has a rather shallow yoni that is not very deep, around 6 inches. So a Dancing Man’s lingam which is around 6-7″ is perfect for that type. So this information can be very practical and help you to understand why some people fit together better than others. I also feel that knowing this information will give you more acceptance of what you were given rather than judging it.

In many indigenous cultures, including the Cherokee Indians, both men and women underwent an initiation before taking their rightful place in the community as a man or woman. The men had a Fire Woman as their guide and the Women a Fire Man to teach them many skills regarding relationship and householding including how to make love to each of the five basic sexual types. This could take a few years and once complete the person was then ready to marry.

Today we no longer teach these skills as a part of our preparation to be an adult. So by taking the time to study Tantra and learning about different sexual characteristics will provide for you the training you missed as a young man or woman. Today, we must do that for ourselves.

As a teacher of Tantra I have found that as far as sexuality is concerned you can never know it all. There is always something new to discover, explore and to taste in the sexual arena. I encourage all of you to take the time to learn more about yourself and what pleases your partner.

Learning how to be a skillful, artful and heartfelt lover is a gift you give not only to yourself but to the men or women you choose to partner with. You may not wish to learn how to please a variety of men or women sexually but knowing what type you and your partner are will broaden your sex education and increase the pleasure you give to each other. I always say that you can never learn too much about how to be an amazing lover.

A few good resources for genital typing are found in Sexual Secrets, by Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger.

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