The Ugly Face Of Technology

Technology has two faces: the creator, and the destroyer.

Year 2000 and five. We are enslaved by the intricate web of modernization, on the go for what is in and what is the latest…

Recently, I came across an article on the latest cell phone model complete with upgraded services…another technological breakthrough. Technology never ceases to amaze me. It has made lives, including mine, a lot easier with the introduction of push buttons. Even fashion is woven into technology. Who can resist it? Even I am fascinated with one of its products, the Internet.

Centuries ago, who would have thought humans could fly or talk with a person miles away? Now we have airplanes braving the skies and telephones that keep us in touch with folks across the miles.

But technology’s benefits are nullified by its Pandoran gifts which technology, with all its prowess, cannot hide. Weapons like guns and nuclear bombs, created to protect and defend, can bring annihilation if they fall into the wrong hands. Look at automated machines that are threatening workers’ employment. Machines are taking the place of many laborers.

Technology is an expression of human intelligence, thirst for advancement and restlessness. It gives us the perception of a bright future for mankind. It can save lives and enhance our way of living. But it also brings about destruction.

I am not saying no to technology. It would be like asking you to live like cavemen. All I am saying is that something, which brings so much power, entails a great sense of responsibility.

Technology is only good or evil once defined by the hands that hold its reins. Which would you want to be – a creator, or a destroyer?

Source by Sheryl Joy Olano

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