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Three of the Best Choices When Looking For 3 Person Tents

Three of the Best Choices When Looking For 3 Person Tents


Going camping is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors. It connects one with nature in a way that no other adventure seems to do. In order to conduct a camping trip, though, one will need several items. One of the most important things to buy is a tent. There are 1 man tents, 3 person tents, 4 person tents, 2 man tents, and even larger tents that are designed to hold many more individuals. Since the tents that hold three people are arguably the most popular, this article will discuss three different models.

The Coleman SunDome 7′ x 7 ‘ 3-Person Dome Tent, model number 2000000134, is a great model. This particular tent only weighs about nine pounds, so it can easily be taken deep into the woods for an exciting camping adventure. It’s also very durable as it is waterproof, and it is also made out of polyester ten fabric. The poles are also extremely durable, so high winds shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Like most 3 person tents, this on comes with step-by-step instructions, so no one should be worried about how hard it is to set up or take down. This tent can be found being sold for about $60.

The Alpine Design Horizon 3 Person Dome Tent, item number 3514906, is also a great tent. It is 84″ wide, 84″ long, and 48″ high. Unlike many 3 person tents, this one comes with a flame-resistant fabric. It has a rain cover in order to provide added protection against the rain or other kinds of weather. It’s extremely easy to set up or take down. The door is also big enough to allow people to get in and out with ease even when they are carrying things into the tent. This particular model sells for around $65.

The Asolo Swift 3 Person Orange Backpacking Tent, item number 12785927, is a high-end 3 person tent. It comes with a 5000mm polyurethane floor in order to keep moisture from leaking in from the floor. The 7000 series aluminum poles are extremely durable, so it will stay up in harsh weather. The mesh of the tent doesn’t allow anyone from the outside to look in, so it’s extremely private. It’s a great, durable tent with a lot of features. This model can be purchased for about $200. I hope this article has been beneficial to those looking for 3 person tents to take on a camping trip!


Source by Dave Gorski

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