Tips and Tricks You Need to Know About a JavaScript Error

Tips and Tricks You Need to Know About a JavaScript Error

It takes a lot of computer skills and knowledge to construct a fully functional and complete website. There is so much scripting and encoding involved, making it all come together can become a difficult task, so it’s not unusual for a JavaScript error to pop up unexpectedly. There are steps that you can take to fix these errors easily and completely.

First of All, What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a widely-used scripting program that lets website builders put specific functions into their website. Changing a picture when the mouse is placed over it, drop-down menus, accessing other links, animations, and more are all created by using JavaScript.

JavaScript is what makes a website a website. If there is an error, it can ruin the way the website is supposed to function and make your web experience frustrating with a series of crashes.

How to Turn Off Error Alerts via Firefox

These error alerts can become annoying and harmful to your PC’s registry. It can cause your computer to slow down, freeze up, crash, and other issues that are frustrating to the PC user.

To turn off alerts within the Firefox browser do as follows:

1. Select the “Tools” tab located at the top of the webpage

2. Select “Options” and click on the “Content” tab

3. Uncheck the box next to “Enable JavaScript”

This is will keep error messages from popping up unexpectedly, but it will not get rid of the JavaScript error itself.

To turn off alerts within the Internet Explorer browser do as follows:

1. Select the “Tools” tab located at the top of the webpage

2. Select “Internet Options” and click on the “Advanced” tab

3. Under Browsing uncheck the box next to “Display a Notification about Every Script Error”

Avoid JavaScript Errors by Switching Internet Browsers

Certain internet browsers respond differently to different websites. For instance, Firefox will find an error on a certain webpage whereas Internet Explorer will not. By switching browsers, the chances of an error occurring decreases, and the level of harm to your registry decreases.

Keeping Your Registry Clean

The main cause of errors, slow functions, unexpected freeze ups, and system crashes is your PC registry. Frequent use can cause wear and tear on the Window’s registry system. When you download new applications, all of your old programs cram up your registry causing it to become congested.

With a registry cleaner, all of the unused, corrupt, broken, and infected files will be cleaned out, leaving you with a smooth running PC. Optimizing your PC to avoid JavaScript Errors is important because prolonging the life of your computer will save you money and stress. Regular updates, antivirus software, and registry cleaners are highly recommended when it comes to cleaning Window’s registry.

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