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Top 5 Car Alarm Systems for 2020

Top 5 Car Alarm Systems for 2020

Our vehicle is without a doubt one of our most important and valuable possessions. If it were stolen, many of us would be (forgive the cliché) up the creek without a paddle. So, we must take the necessary precautionary steps to prevent the loss of this valuable possession. Without question, the easiest way to protect any vehicle is with a good car alarm. However, some systems are better than others and when it comes to something so precious to us, are we willing to take the risk of purchasing a subpar alarm? Of course not! So, that in mind, here is a breakdown of the top 5 car alarm systems for 2020:

#5 Crime Guard – The Crime Guard car alarm system goes for $199.99 and sports many features that are sure to please any car owner. One review of the system from stated: “the Crime Guard 750i6 has quality features and customer service. There are keyless entry features, remote start capabilities, and detailed shock and window sensors.”

#4 Avital – This system is on the market for $299.99 and has been rated slightly higher than the Crime Guard system. In comparison, the Avital’s performance and support are rated higher than the Crime Guard model; however, they are rated equally in regards to their features. Here is what the same review had to say about the Avital: “the Avital 3300 is an outstanding car alarm system. All the car security options are covered including complete sensors, alarms, and alerts. The remote even works as a remote starter, and the product is manufactured by the reliable company Directed Electronics.”

#3 Prestige – At a significantly lower cost than both of the previous models ($99.99), the Prestige car alarm system delivers in its performance and features, but if need help or support, you might turn up a little less satisfied than Crime Guard or Avital customers. The review said: “The Prestige APS596N car alarm has terrific features including remote start, keyless entry and an assortment of alarm sirens. However, it will take some time to familiarize yourself with all the different options, and the manufacturer doesn’t offer helpful customer support options.”

#2 Python – With fantastic performance levels and quality help and support, the Python system stands apart from its counterparts. It’s also feature-packed and a truly reliable system. However, the Python is also the most expensive of the five systems listed here, costing consumers $649.00 at retail. Here’s what reviewers had to say: “the Python 991 car alarm is reliable and comes with fantastic features including a remote start remote and keyless entry. The range is outstanding and using the remote is intuitive and simple. You can count on the manufacturer, Directed Electronics, to produce durable car alarms.”

#1 Viper – And now, the best of the best. The Viper is slightly less expensive than the Python at $499.00 and comes fully loaded with top of the line features and never fails at delivering with top-notch performance. Running into some issues or snags? No problem; their customer service and support is unrivaled and a breeze to work with. “The Viper 5901 car alarms are affordable, packed full of spectacular and original features and the manufacturer offers great customer service. We loved the remote starting options and the ability to replace the remote with your smartphone.”

So there they are, the top five car alarm systems of 2020. They each bring unique traits and features to the table and is the buyer’s choice as to which system they think will best serve them.

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