Top Content Management System Used For Website Development

Remember how the web used to be some 10-15 years ago? It was all static with pages having static web content which required a lot of labor and time whenever any changes were made. Today, that manual procedure has been replaced by a much simpler, quicker and effective system of managing the content of a website. With the advent of content management systems, the process of changing content of websites was automated. Websites built over a CMS allow admin to change the content on the website without manually changing the HTML code or any programming on the website. These things are automatically done by the system and user has to just worry about the content required to be changed.

Developing websites over a CMS is currently the most popular and favorite technique for acquiring web solutions. Clients just need to hire PHP developer from an experienced and well reputed website development company and convey their requirements to them. The rest of the work could be easily and conveniently completed by the developers.

Some of the most popular and effective content management systems are:

WordPress: WordPress is the most dominating CMS available for developing websites. It popularity and effectiveness surpasses that of any other content management system and makes it the most celebrated open source CMS. WordPress has also been adorned with hall of fame award 2010 by Packt Publishing editorial house. WordPress was originally a blogging tool which expanded and enhanced to become a full fledged platform for developing high-end web solutions. Further, it is supported by a huge online community which always ready to help out fellow developers having any problem while developing solutions over it. The wide range of themes and plugins make it a very desirable solution.

Joomla: Joomla is another great CMS having a considerable share among all the websites which is estimated to be around 10%. Joomla is a PHP based system and has MySQL in the back-end. Joomla can be installed, customized and executed very easily. Further, web developers have access to abundant extensions which allow them to create top quality web solutions. Joomla is a very effective CMS for developing e-commerce web solutions having advanced features and enhanced functionalities.

Drupal: This is a little advanced content management system and has a complex programming interface. In-spite of this interface, this CMS is able to provide quick installation along with an easy to manage system. Drupal is also a PHP based system and supports various databases including MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL etc. Drupal is a little complex system which is basically meant for advanced developers and not for completely new entrants.

Sitecore: The Sitecore is a proprietary web content management system which is built upon.Net framework. At the backend it is connected to Microsoft SQL server, Oracle database or the Microsoft Azure. The system is very SEO friendly and allows easy management of website’s content thus helps businesses in achieving their goals. Being a.Net based system, it provides you with a highly secure, robust and reliable web solution that supports multiple languages and allows you to easily develop social communities.

There are many more CMSs available for developing websites but these are some of the most popular and effective ones that are used by almost every website development company for developing web solutions for their clients. Businesses are required to choose the CMS for their website after proper research and analysis as each system has some strong points which makes them a better choice for different requirements.

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