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Top Five Mac Tweaks

Top Five Mac Tweaks


The Mac (short for Macintosh) is a wonderfully versatile system by Apple Inc. The Mac enjoys a huge fan following worldwide due to its high customization options as well as a freakingly high style quotient. However, Mac’s aren’t the cheapest gadgets on the block and many people cannot afford to upgrade them and some simply don’t know how to get the best out of their Mac. The following is a list of tweaks to help you get the most out of your Mac:

Mac tweaks number one: handle your auto-start programs and applications well.

Whenever you log into your Mac, come programs open up automatically, taking up a lot of time and memory space in the process. Therefore, it would be a good idea to remove those programs that you do not need or are not keen on using immediately after logging on. Some of these programs are Quicksilver, iTunes helper, Geektool, Twitterrific, Instantshot! and Magical. In system preferences, go to the Login Items tab and disable the programs you don’t need immediately to open up upon logging in.

Mac tweaks number two: enabling and utilizing the tab key.

Go to System Preferences, and then to the keyboard and mouse pane. At the bottom of this page, click the ‘all controls’ radio button. This will enable the Tab key to move between the controls apart from and in addition to moving between text boxes and lists. Saves a ton of time and is simple too!

Mac tweak number three: allot custom icons for the hard drive components.

This is a great way of easily and quickly differentiating between several application icons. Xcode has an Icon Composer software. This is usually available in your OS x install disk. If not, you can easily download it from the Apple website. Icns2Rsrc converts the icon into a proper file format and creates your chosen icon to be assigned to whatever component you want to assign it to. This is another way to make your drive area both user-friendly as well as well organized.

Mac tweak number four: a new addition to finder’s toolbar – the Path Button.

This is a smart tweak that helps you save a lot of time and agony in the long run. Have you ever noticed that in the pathfinder, the chain of command of the programs is usually difficult to estimate? Does this bother you? Wish you could change it? Well, you can. All that you have to do is drag and drop the Path button. To help you out, the Path button resembles a set of steps that differentiate each level.

Mac tweaks number five: application shortcuts added to the Finder’s toolbar.

This will allow you easy access to your applications as well as save considerable time while searching for the relevant applications. You can add application shortcuts to the sidebar also. To do this, simply assign drag and drop to useful and helpful accessories and applications on your system. This will enable you easy access to your favorite applications in a click while all the time making the whole process a stress free affair.

Use these tips and enjoy your Mac’s hidden capabilities!


Source by Andrew Grazinski

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