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Types of Services Offered by ASP NET Development Providers

Types of Services Offered by ASP NET Development Providers


ASP.NET involves the combination of Active Server Pages and the .Net framework providing one of the easiest ways to build dynamic web applications. It has innumerable scalable features and is quite simplified compared to the complex process of traditional application development. ASP.NET has proved to be a fantastic platform for developers and hence is in demand for different reasons. Some of the tasks which can be accomplished with ASP.Net Development include:

Integration of E-Pay web service:
To give the customer flexibility of payment in any mode they desire, one can integrate the facility of E-Pay in the existing website by utilizing the E-Pay web service.

Google-like paging:
Paging is a very important functionality when there are thousands of records in a database. On the other hand, it is unwise to show many page numbers at the bottom of the page for navigation. This makes the GUI look out of order. The best way to deal with this kind of problem is to use Google-like paging. This technique uses a progressive paging approach. At a given time only a limited number of page numbers are shown as per settings.

Clean URLs:
For search engine optimization, the concept of clean URLs can be applied.

Preventing SQL Injections:
One can strengthen the security of the website by including protection against SQL injections.

Export and Import from excel / CSV:
If a website lacks the support for export-import in any of the website modules, one can include the functionality in those modules too.

Reports play a very important part in decision making at Higher Level Management in the organization. One can include business intelligence related reports with attractive GUI appeal including charts for faster understanding and decision making. This saves time and money for the organization.

Marquee like News-ticker:
To inform the end-user with all the latest news in an attractive manner, one can incorporate the marquee like News-ticker on the website.

Optimized Bulk E-mail sending:
When thousands of emails are to be sent (Newsletter, subscription reminders, etc …), the existing code might need to be cleansed for better management of bulk sending.

Email Sending Scheduler:
One can send emails to the client through a scheduler integrated into the website. To incorporate this, a script needs to be created that was scheduled to be executed by Windows Task Manager as per scheduled time. In this way, the performance of the website does not hurt when the emails are being sent as it can be done outside the scope of the website.

Other steps that can be taken to enhance the functioning of the website include cleaning of the database and making corresponding changes to the front-end, solving typical CSS issues, SQL query optimization, etc.


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