Use Free Articles To Create High Quality Backlinks Part I

Nowadays, we have created numerous methods so as to bring about well defined backlinks for a particular web site. On one hand, there is the well-known pattern to use the reciprocal link; on the other hand, some use various directories to place their site to. Moreover, there are persons who take advantage of both of these techniques.

In the recent period of time, an increasing number of people have started to engage the syndication of original articles in order to build their link popularity. A reason for this is the fact that these articles employ permanent links from many pages, chosen by means of keywords and sharing the same topic. Needless to say, there are some steps to be accomplished so that there is a certainty in the syndication of the article, as well as its undoubtable quality.

1)Writing articles of an undoubtable quality

The syndication of the article is always connected to its type. The quality of an article is the first aspect being chosen by webmasters who will reprint it.In addition, the spelling and grammar must be perfect with the aim of covering the widest syndication. As webmasters are in the need of widely-researched and perfectly-written the accent should be placed on all aspects.

Furthermore, the status of ‘the place to put the link in the resource box’ should be surpassed; the purpose of that particular article is to make itself interesting this being a condition for it to be syndicated on the websites with Pagerank and high quality. It is also the syndication of an article which can cause the copying of the article on many websites.

Moreover, the creation of many links comprising of quality articles will be finalized in the growth of a site’s traffic, due to the fact that its popularity will attract a wider audience. The wider the audience is the more accessed will be the resource box.

2)Manually submission of Related sites

Another pattern for an increase of an article’s syndication is to create a form for submitting the related sites. It is well known that best syndications come from high quality sites employing a specific niche not only articles banks. For instance, there are websites which accept only articles which have to do exclusively with the field of business. The webmaster of a site dealing with business will write an article having as main theme ‘business’ and submit it to the above-mentioned sites.As a consequence, the other business sites could take notice of quality article from this field syndicate it on their own sites. This is the way related links appear and improve the search engine of a site.

This are only the first steps for reaching the ultimate level of a high quality article. Watch for the following.

Source by Ispas Marin

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