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Use Free Google Services For Your Network Marketing Business

Use Free Google Services For Your Network Marketing Business


Obviously Google is well known for its search engine, enabling the most respected search results for millions of internet users. But what you may not know is Google’s free services, Gmail, Google calls, Google calendar and Google documents, which can really help network marketers in their businesses.

First of all, Gmail is a top-notch and free web-based email service. Gmail is a very popular choice and offers the ease of sending and accessing your email from desktop computers as well as tablet and hand-held devices. You’re provided 7+ gigabytes of storage, more spam control in a system that is intuitive, efficient and useful. I have also implemented “filters” which automatically process emails from known senders so that I can quickly and easily find specific emails from senders that I know and trust.

Google calls, for residents of the US, is my favorite free service. Within your Gmail account is a simple link that allows free domestic calls within the US and Canada and low rates for other countries. When you’re spending time at the computer it is very convenient to be able to make domestic calls, up to two hours, right from your computer. It is best to use a headset, but in a pinch, all you need is a microphone and these days most computers have that built-in. You can even record incoming calls for free too. Some may also choose to get a Google voice number free, that will ring your home office, cell phone and in Gmail when a caller calls your Google voice number. It makes it so much easier when your team just has to call one number to reach you.

Next Google calendar rounds out your schedule and you can easily post a specific calendar of events onto your blog or website so that your team knows about your whereabouts as well as upcoming events related to your business. I use Google calendar to post my regularly scheduled webinar meetings and conference call times. I even use the special code to post my calendar on my Facebook fan pages.

Lastly, Google documents allow you to create, share and access your documents from anywhere. Simply upload or create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms, all from your Gmail account. And you can then download your documents as PDF files so that anyone may view them. This is an important aspect as not everyone has the same programs that you have and if they don’t then you will have problems sharing them. Google documents makes this all a simple task.

With all of these tools, there are many great videos about the use of each of these and how they can benefit you. I encourage you to start investigating these for yourself by getting your free Google (Gmail) account today!


Source by Chase Swift

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