Waste Management With Biosphere Technology

Waste management is something every nation conducts because it is of vital importance to the welfare of its citizens. Waste is a huge threat to health and is also unsightly to see and smell. This is the reason why a significant portion of the budget of any government is being allotted for the management of waste. Huge amounts of resources are being expended to prevent control the spread of waste. Unfortunately, the most adopted waste disposal process which is the landfill system does not truly eliminate waste but merely relocates it in a common place and then covers it with soil. Landfilling incurs considerable amounts of finances and the landfills take up huge amounts of space. The surrounding communities are also threatened with soil and ground water contamination as well as the prevalence of foul odor. Fortunately, the new Biosphere Technology can completely replace the landfill system.

Biosphere Technology is a waste management system that completely obliterates waste using advance gasification technologies. The waste is first collected into material recycling facilities to safeguard nearby communities from the hazards of keeping trash in open spaces such as landfills. Next the waste is placed on oxygen limited containers that prevent the escape of gases during processing. Reusable elements of the garbage are then separated for reselling into the market. The non-reusable parts are then disintegrated to ensure no trace of the trash is left. Complete and total eradication of the waste will free up the space used to be occupied by landfills. The said spaces can then be treated and developed for use in more fruitful purposes. The freed up space is invaluable especially during these times of rapidly growing populations.

Waste Management with biosphere technology results to the full reincarnation of waste into energy. After the waste is incinerated down to its most basic components, the said components are manipulated and transformed into particles of pure energy. The particles are then gathered together to form extremely hot steam. This steam is then used to power generators that produce electricity. Losing only solid waste to create energy is a very economical and efficient approach.

Source by D. A. Ocampo

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