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Watching Movies On PSP – How To Convert Movies And Transfer Them From Your PC To Your PSP


Unfortunately, you can’t just transfer the movie file from your computer to your PSP and view it. You need to convert it to a PSP supported file format first. Why is that? Because movies you download from the internet, regardless of their file format (usually MPEG-4, VCD, AVI etc.) are way high in quality for PSP to support. So, you need to reduce their quality. Here comes the PSP video converters and the MP4 PSP video file format.

Some information about the MP4 PSP video file format

All movie files you can view on your PSP come with a .MP4 extension. This is the only file type that PSP supports (In PSP version 2 Sony has added support for another video file type, the MPEG-4 AVC file type which offers better video quality). Here’s a sample name of an MP4 video file:


MP4 files begin with M4V followed by a series of five numbers and end in .MP4. Usually there’s also another file along with the main PSP movie file which has the same name with the MP4 file but a different extension. For example:


The .THM file is directly associated with the .MP4 because it contains a series of PSP movie thumbnails saved as JPEG images. Important: The .THM file must have the same name as the MP4 file:



Converting the movie to a PSP supported file format

You will need one of the various PSP video converters that will convert the movie file you downloaded on your PC, to a PSP MP4 file type. There are free PSP video converters out there. Search for “free PSP video converter” in any of the major search engines. Make sure that the converter you are about to use is capable of converting all kinds of movie files (DVD, VCD, SVCD, MOV, AVI, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, RM) to PSP video .MP4 format. After converting the movie file you are ready to transfer it to your PSP.

Transferring the movie file from your PC to your PSP

Here are the detailed steps to transfer any PSP movie file from your computer’s hard disk to your PSP memory stick:

Step 1: Connect your PSP to your personal computer. Wait until the connection is established.

Step 2: The memory stick should now appear on your computer screen. Create a folder in the top directory of your memory stick. Name the folder MP_ROOT.

Step 3: Click MP_ROOT folder and create another folder inside the MP_ROOT folder. Name the new folder 100MNV01. This is the folder where all your videos files must be placed.

Step 4: Transfer the movie file from your hard disk to the MP_ROOT/100MNV01 folder.

Step 5: Disconnect your PSP from your personal computer.

If you followed the steps above you should now be able to watch the movie in your PSP. Go to Video on your PSP and select Memory Stick. Hit the X button and choose the video you want to view. Hit the X button once more. That’s it. Happy movie watching!


Source by Mary Markell

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