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There are lots of ways to generate traffic to your website. We are going to focus on one of them: Backlinks. What, exactly are backlinks? Backlinks are links on other sites that lead back to your site. One of the ways the search engines rank your site is by how many legitimate links there are to it from other high ranking sites.

Of course, once you have become a household name like Amazon or eBay, people all over the world will be linking to your site and Google will love you dearly. However, until that happens, you are not at the mercy of fate. There are things you can do to control this.

There are two basic kinds of links you can use. They are both good, but one is better.

Raw Links vs. Anchor Links

A raw link is a link that looks like what you are used to links looking like. Here is the raw link to Google:

It is simple and most people know what it is. (Anyone who has been on the Internet, anyway.)

An anchor link is a link that is hidden behind a word or phrase. So an anchor link to Google might look like this:

Search Anything with Google

When you create an anchor link in WordPress, you just highlight the phrase, click on the “link” button and enter the link. In basic HTML, you would use this code for the link above:

<a href=””>Search Anything with Google</a>

One of the great things about using anchor links when creating your backlinks is that you can use your keyword phrase in it. The search engines give a link with a keyword phrase a lot of extra juice, so if your site or a page on your site is optimized for the phrase “squeaky pet toys”, and Google finds an anchor link back to your site with the phrase “squeaky pet toys” in it, it will give that link a nice pat on the back and take a better look at your site.

One great place to use backlinks is in your resource box on EzineArticles. Often you will notice that the writers of the articles don’t put any links in their resource box. This is a waste of the article, since not only will no one be able to find their site, the search engines also won’t see it. Putting the raw link in your resource box is much better, but you will get much more traffic, both from the readers of your article and the search engines, if you use anchor links with one of your main keyword phrases in it.


Source by Geoff Hoff

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