Web Commenting – A Way to Get Backlinks From High PR Sites

Web Commenting - A Way to Get Backlinks From High PR Sites

We all are well aware of what is meant by back-link and how important they are for any particular web page to rank well in Google Search. There are a number of ways to build back-link for any web page, among them some standard forms are article submission, press release, directory submission, social bookmarking and so on. As time passes we have developed a number of ways to build back-link for a website, among them some newly developed concepts are feed submission, creating pages in various free network websites, participating in social networking sites such as a forum, web commenting and so on. Today I am going to talk about what is meant by web commenting and how we are going to utilize them.

Web Commenting may be described as commenting on some one’s blog or to take part in the discussion. While selecting the blog to comment on, make sure you stick to your niche (i.e. relevant category). There are millions of blogs on the web, each and everyone discusses any particular topic. Blog is the form of the site which keeps on updating continuously, so is Google crawler loves them and they make sure to crawl such blog which keeps on updating at regular interval of time. Now, let make me clear how we are going to benefit from them. Make a search in Google for blog of your particular category and you will be provided with number of blog in the form of search results. Select at least 20 results from them for a day and start reading what they have written, at the end make sure you leave a comment about the topic or at least try to share your knowledge about the topic.

Normally you have to input the name, email id, URL and at the end your comment and have to submit the form. At this moment make sure you use your main keyword in place of your name and add your website link in the URL section and thus if your comment gets approved you will get a back-link with your main anchor text from that particular page. They will dramatically increase your keyword ranking for that particular keyword and if it is from pr 5 or more pr website than it is equal to many such back-links from low or nil pr websites.

Anyway, there is still much more to talk about Web commenting and how to find them. Apart from that if you are well aware of “blogosphere” and “do follow movement” than you might know who is “Randa Clay”. While talking about web commenting if I do not talk about her then it might be an incomplete discussion for the topic. In the next coming post, I will describe who is “Randa Clay” and what her contribution was.

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