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Sir Tim Berners-Lee was the first Web designer and the inventor of the World Wide Web. He launched the first online website in 6 August 1991. He summed up the Internet communication (compiled with emails) with hypertext transfer protocols.

Initially the Web designing was based upon the simple markup languages, functionality of these languages was very limited. At that time only the hyper linking between the pages and layout services were available; it became more extensible and rich in context with the advancement of Web technology and Web design.

As the time progressed the Web designing languages changed their faces, one of the main drastic change was the dynamicity of the pages along with the database applications. This particular change cropped up some new languages like VBscript, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.Net, Cold fusion etc. These languages are used to create server-side scripting technology.

CSS and Tables:

Tales were hugely used in the time of Netscape Navigator, which even supports the nested tables. But as the Internet Explorer took over the browser market the whole concept was altered by implementing CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). CSS emphasized on the semantic markup of HTML, not on the lay out in the table; by which it helps the search engine spiders to understand what is going on inside the page.

Flash and the web applications:

With the invention of Flash, the web applications became more lucrative and popular, while the technology became more complex. Flash was introduced by Macromedia in 1996 to promote a TV-like application in the world of Web. It was made by Jonathan Gay; it has made its mark within a very short period of time in the World of Web.

The animated figures, movies, games can be made by Flash, so it is very useful for developing attractive web applications. Flash has already crossed its fifth version and contains a large amount of codes for developing graphical interfaces. Today it has over 500,000 developers and runs in over 250 million computers.

Photoshop and Web Applications:

Photoshop was invented by the Knoll brothers- Thomas and John Knoll. The development started in 1987 when they both were working on a digital image process project.

Initially they invented a small subroutine for computer graphics and applied it into a program called Display. In 1990 Adobe published the first official version – Photoshop1.0 which was the improved version of that subroutine.

After its release Photoshop captured the top position in the Graphics market. Now Photoshop 7.0 is in the market and has knocked down all its competitors.
Photoshop is compatible with both the Windows and Mac O.S.

Dynamic web design:

The Web pages can be designed dynamically by two ways – Server-side and Client-side methods.

Server-side scripting is based on the Web server technology where a user’s requirement is accomplished by executing a script directly in the server. This technique is used to create the user-interactive pages where the third-party interferences like databases or animated movies are required.

This technology provides more control over the script and more functionalities of script. Examples of Server-side scripting languages are ASP, ASP, .NET, JavaScript, Cold Fusion etc.

Client-side scripting is based on the modules of Web programs that are run in the user’s browser on client-side. These programs are not executed in the Web Server. These applications are generally implemented for ornamenting the pages and for calling some environmental variables etc. Example of Client-side scripting language is JavaScript.

Business values of Web Development:

People working with web designing are uncountable. Most of the large and medium companies have already promoted their business through the web. Now there are many existing sites which are required to be re-designed and re-generated, as well.

Moreover the companies which have not yet published their sites will launch it in very near future. So the scope of business in Web development sector is very high. Online business is gradually becoming the best medium for advertising, especially for the small companies.

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