Web Development With PHP Programming Language

Web Development With PHP Programming Language

Looking to start a brand new website but not sure where to begin? Well, the first thing you have to decide is the programming language you are going to use.

The two most popular web languages today are PHP and ASP Dot Net. Each has its pros and cons. So it depends on which language you are comfortable with. Of the two, many programmers prefer to work with PHP for various reasons.

1) Easy to comprehend. PHP is a scripting language that is very easy to learn. A novice programmer can become an expert in no time with some practice.

2) Fast to execute. Many pre-made libraries are included in PHP, making code writing a breeze. Programs that require numerous lines of code now require just one or two lines. That translates to lots of time savings.

3) Lots of free learning resources. The PHP community is an active one and a quick search will reveal tons of free learning resources on the Internet. Some scripts are even free for download, making the job of a PHP programmer a whole lot easier.

4) Open-source. Since PHP is an open-source language, that means any developer can choose to work with this language without having to worry about hefty costs. PHP runs on Linux based operating systems, which are also free. It can connect to MySQL (free as well) databases, which is a highly reliable and scalable solution. For this reason, PHP is often the preferred choice for both personal and business applications.

5) No lack of developers. If you can’t do programming, you may wish to hire a PHP developer to maintain or upgrade your site on your behalf. You can visit any developer resource site and there will be many people waiting to be hired to develop PHP applications. And this talent pool continues to grow daily due to the widespread adoption of the language.

6) Free open source applications. Many useful applications are freely available for download and they are mostly based on PHP. For instance, the WordPress application is an advanced application that can be used as a content management system.

7) Affordable hosting. Since PHP can be run on any Linux server, there is no lack of hosting. You can easily locate affordable Linux hosting that costs less than $10 a month (for shared hosting). If you require more resources, you may also choose to sign up for a VPS or dedicated server solution.

8) Many developer tools are available. As PHP is a highly popular scripting language, many tools have been created to increase the speed of development. For instance, with a PHP code generator, you can easily create useful scripts without having to write lines and lines of code.

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