Web Outsourcing

Web Outsourcing

Many companies that use computer technologies are using outsource companies such as the offshore web design companies. Offshore means they are companies that are not within the normal land boundaries of a country. Some of these offshore companies are located in Russia, India and Sri Lanka. The companies offer everything from web design to creating databases for businesses to use. They generally offer their services to people in the U.S., Europe, and Asia where the computer business industry is much larger. They use the same dedicated professionals that you would find in your region for a fraction of the cost.

An offshore company located in Sri Lanka offers its services at a starting rate of $15 per hour. They can help you build your Internet business through software development and coding as well as web design. They are fully capable of working with Java, C/C++, Delphi, GNU and Visual Basic. They have people that specialize in programming language as well as in Internet applications to create a full-service e-commerce package for you to use with your business. They support Windows 9x, NT, 2k and UNIX.

The offshore companies work with you through every step of your web design or database application. They offer support systems so you can easily get hold of them should any questions or concerns arise. Some of the companies can also work on the Mac platform and fully test their software programs to ensure that everything they design will work for your servers. It’s a great opportunity to create a large client base as well as build communications with other countries. The outsourcing programs give opportunities to people that might not otherwise have their talents and areas of expertise recognized.

Several offshore web design companies are based in India. Mavis Technologies is one such company that offers outsourcing for web design and development. It is located in Delhi, India and works with companies based in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia. The company can provide a wide range of multimedia development for use on your site such as flash-based programs and corporate presentations. If you’re looking for a qualified professional designer to help you build your website, you could look into some of the offshore outsourcing companies that are available. They will provide you with the service, quality, and content you want at a very affordable price.

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