What Are the New Features In Adobe Dreamweaver CS6?

Dreamweaver is the web’s number one development software for websites and our chosen platform for Adobe Creative Suite Training. Over the years it has progressed from being a static web development tool, to being one that can integrate with dynamic, database driven software like WordPress.

So, it is always exciting as a web developer when a new version of Dreamweaver is released to see the fun new toys that we will be able to play with and help people to learn on an Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Training course.

Here are the top four new features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6:

1) Fluid Grid Layout

This is a major step forward in layout design, because it allows properly fluid layouts to be built right within Dreamweaver for the first time. It utilizes CSS3 much better than previous versions of the software, and means that you can create very complicated designs in a visual fashion without being bogged down in code.

2) Better HTML 5 Audio and Video

This is the first version of Dreamweaver where the integration with HTML 5 feels genuinely smooth. Adobe have made several changes to the way that HTML 5 is used in the software, and this also means that adding video and audio to websites from within Dreamweaver is now much simpler than ever before.

3) Better jQuery Mobile Support

If you are looking to design apps for the iPhone or Android Platforms then until now Dreamweaver has been something of a disappointment. With this release Adobe are looking to change all of that by opening up the possibility to create mobile applications right from within the Dreamweaver interface.

This update may not make much difference to everyone, but it does signal Adobe’s intent to keep Dreamweaver on the cutting edge of development technology, and as such is to be warmly welcomed.

4) Multiscreen Preview has been made simpler

It used to be the case that Dreamweaver was actually fairly poor when it came to producing the same content for different devices. This used to be less of a problem when the world was dominated by PC’s, and the most common preview problems were related solely to browser resolution rather than the devices that they would be seen on.

But with the re-emergence of Apple in the tablet market, and the increasing use of smartphones to browse the internet, the limitations of earlier versions of Dreamweaver became clearer.

The good news is that Adobe have spotted that there was a dramatic need for an overhaul, and CS6 brings with it a much easier interface to check that content looks good on all kinds of different devices, as well as a special HTML 5 previewer which is a real boon for mobile browser and app developers.

These four are just a selection of the many new features that are now available in CS6, including better search facilities if you are on a Mac, better FTP transfer capabilities and greatly enhanced integration with other Adobe software tools like Adobe Business Catalyst.

Source by Mandi Pralle

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