What Does the Error Javascriptvoid 0 Mean?

While browsing the Internet, you are sometimes surprised with an error popping up on your screen which says: Javasciptvoid 0 or something similar. And because there are thousands of malicious viruses that are rampant at the World Wide Web, some people fret when they see these kinds of error messages. But what exactly does this html javascript void 0 mean? Is it a threat to the safety of your computer?

One of the main reasons why this error message appears is because of the pop up blockers. More often than not, these pop up blockers prevent some windows from appearing. Usually the windows that are blocked are the advertisements from different kinds of websites. While the blockers are meant for such windows, it can also stop some of the Java-based scripts from accomplishing what it is programmed to do. But you can actually give a solution if you do not want to see this error message again and again, you can easily go to the options and change your pop up blocker’s preferences. It is also important that before getting a pop up blocker, you take time to read if it would block scripts such as the Java.

Another reason for the Javasciptvoid 0 error to appear is the issue of compatibility between the browser and the webpage that you are surfing. If you think you will be a frequent visitor in this site, you can contact the webmaster so they can do something about this issue.

If you are using proxy servers in order to gain access to a banned website or if you just want to maintain anonymous while surfing the web, this too can also result to the html javascript void 0 as well. This too can be avoided. You can stop using a proxy server or you can look for another proxy that is more reliable and functional.

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