What is Cloud Computing and How it Can Help Your Business?

What is Cloud Computing and How it Can Help Your Business?

Despite the enormous interest to the concept of “cloud computing”, there are no accepted standards and methods of maintenance of the guaranteed quality of service. The phenomenon of calculations in cloud computing causes a great interest all over the world: the new concept allows giving services on demand thus decreasing the expenses. Besides, such approach allows to lower complexity of information systems, and also to increase their scalability and availability. The new model gives to suppliers of managed services wide and fascinating possibilities.

Since network ARPANET has formed a basis for the popular Internet, a set of network concepts was developed for corporate customers and individual users. According to the concept of cloud service, network and computing resources should be given to each person on demand, like electricity for example. In this sense some analysts began to speak about network transformation into the fourth municipal service in addition to water, electricity and telecommunication.

Such companies as Google and Amazon, already offer today services (Google App Engine and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud 2 and Elastic Block Store). Behind these services there are data processing centers, providing the creation of the necessary infrastructure and supporting key technologies and sharing of resources (multi-tenancy) which make the system of cloud computing more effective and economic both for operators and for users.

Cloud service draws the attention of experts because it may become a new revolutionary technology which will reverse business models of the communication industry. The research done by Gartner Company in 2008, has shown that the technology of cloud computing will be useful for both large and mid-size communication companies. The economy will lead to depreciation of services of cloud computing at the expense of simplicity of scaling.

Companies that solve the big computing problems can receive results much faster and more economically if they involve wide resources of suppliers of cloud computing. That fact that cloud computing means work on demand is favorable to companies as it allows to quickly reacting to varying conditions and market possibilities. With its help large data-processing centers can cut down the expenses on electricity, current operations, the software and hardware systems.

Cloud service is based on the Cisco technologies and provides high level of safety, protection of the personal data, productivity and availability. Computing resources, storage and network systems will be available on demand. What conclusions can be made? The concept of cloud computing becomes more and more popular as it allows to lower cumulative cost of possession. It has a high scalability, gives the customer certain competitive advantages, reduces complexity of network services and gives a fast and simple access to services.

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