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What Is Internet Security? – An Overview!

What Is Internet Security? - An Overview!


If you have always thought internet security is not your cup of tea – think again. You are under threat if you are connected with the internet in any possible way! Your email can be hacked; a hacker can gain access to your computer and use it for illegal activities or can hack into your e-commerce website and steal invaluable information and so on.

All sorts of threats

A virus is not the only threat that one faces while surfing on the internet; it is just one of the several types of malware out there. Here is a quick look at what ails internet users:

1. Hackers: Hackers from all parts of the globe access websites belonging to corporations, organizations, banks and even Non-Government Organizations illegally to serve ulterior motives. They tend to steal classified information, credit card numbers and other data to make illegal profits. Hackers happen to remain in news courtesy hacking popular websites, deface them or steal consumer data.

2. Malware: Malware is a collective name given to computer viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and worms, etc. All such software programs disrupt operating systems, steal information and even help hackers to obtain illegal access to web servers, personal computers, and hand-held devices.

3. Social Engineering: Social engineering is a set of techniques that entices an individual into revealing his or her password or bank account information, resulting in the theft of business-critical information and/or money. The flurry of fake emails claiming stupendous lottery winnings or those from banks asking individuals to enter their online banking credentials are part of social engineering.

The need of the hour is to identify these threats, learn about them and take appropriate actions to ensure safety while browsing the internet. More about internet security tips to remain safe and related concepts in later parts of this series.


Source by Dinesh Dhiman

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