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What Is My Partner In Profit And Should You Join?

What Is My Partner In Profit And Should You Join?


Paul Birdsall introduced the My Partner In Profit (MyPiP) system in August of 2011. The purpose of MyPiP is to use attraction marketing techniques and affiliate tools to generate unlimited leads as well as generate significant cash flow from people who may not join your primary internet business.

Paul has used this exact system, and other systems like MyPiP, to generate thousands of leads and thousands of dollars in affiliate income, which are vital to anyone starting and continuing to run an online business.

The premise of MyPiP is simple. Most online business owners do not know how to properly attract others to their online opportunity. Most people post links on social media sites or try to talk to friends or family as well as post fliers on college campuses to try to find people looking for an online opportunity.

These fail 98% of the time because it is the wrong message to the wrong people. Successful marketing is getting the right message in front of the right type of people. Bill Gates and any other successful business person knows that including Paul Birdsall and the MyPiP system is designed to get the right message in front of thousands of people looking for that info right now.

So for those that are looking for effective strategies that work, along with step-by-step directions, MyPiP is an excellent choice to consider.

All the MyPiP systems are free to join and remain free for as long as one likes. Inside the back office, when you’ve registered for a free account, are videos and step-by-step lessons on a variety of high impact marketing methods that are either free or very low cost.

The end result when one follows the suggested lessons is a continual list of prospects that join MyPiP in order to access this same valuable information. Additionally once a person sees success in the leads that they generate they will also see cash flow from the affiliate sites as well. A few of these affiliate sites are 100% free to join and when others join through the MyPiP system, the MyPiP affiliate can make commissions.

And these affiliate sites and tools are carefully selected for the best value and Paul has carefully explained each step and each tool so well that rarely does one need additional support. But in case there is a question about any step in the MyPiP system there is a private Facebook support group that is free to join as well. To date, there are over 1,000 members in the Facebook group alone and 10’s of thousands of MyPi affiliates over the entire globe.

Since August of 2011, when he created what is known as the MyPiP Classic system, Paul has introduced two more versions called MyPiP Express and MyPiP Challenge.

The MyPiP Classic is the full-featured global system with all the training and resources one would ever need. The MyPiP Express is a simplified global system designed more for new online marketers and the MyPiP Challenge is designed for online marketers only in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.

To complete your research, I would suggest you review the many YouTube videos that are available simply by searching for “My Partner In Profit” or “MyPiP.” And since each system is free, there is no risk for anyone getting started.


Source by Chase Swift

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