What is SCART

The SCART is one of the oldest television cable connectors and has been around for almost as long as televisions have been used ever since. A SCART connector in basic terms is a common type of audio/video cable that is used primarily in Europe and the UK for connecting DVD players, VCRs, and other digital components to televisions. The SCART connector is composed of 21 pins. Each one of these pins is assigned an analogue video or analogue audio signal which can be used to pass through S-Video, Composite or RGB analogue signals, making it a highly adaptable cable designed specifically to connect digital components to televisions. The cable originated from France and has been commonly used since 1977 and was created with the sole purpose of simplifying the connection to television sets.

A VCR will typically have two SCART sockets, one connecting to a television and another to another device or set-top box. The SCART has been used to record television shows to tape and other devices and is still used today as an important function in recording live shows and documentaries by transferring the data signals to another device. The external device will then record for a specific amount of time, or until it can no longer run and can be played back at any time.

A SCART to RCA Cable is another example of a SCART connector. The RGB SCART convertor allows for connections to some of the older types of devices including game consoles such as the Sega Saturn. Since the cable is designed for simplicity, the cable itself will not be able to handle high quality data transfers like a HDMI, but will still be able to provide a solid

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