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What Is the Difference Between Building a Website and Developing an App? - Programming Codex

What Is the Difference Between Building a Website and Developing an App?

Generally, people enter into the app development process with web development as their only similar past experience. Despite the fact the two look very similar, and it seems that pricing and development schedules should be not be dis-similar, they are worlds apart both in development and price for a few reasons.

What is the difference between building a website and developing an app?

Three years ago, there were no developers for either i Phone or Android; here we have a fairly new field and there aren’t a large core of experts around. ¬†Another difference is that web development has been around for long enough to allow for automated ways in which to undertake it. For example: Word press has made getting yourself a professional-looking site with a comprehensive C M S cheap and relatively simple. A third difference is the complexity of code that goes into the development of apps.

Web sites generally use codes such as HTML, java script and C S S: even for amateurs these are easy to learn. However, iPhone and Android apps use complex codes like Objective C and Cocoa (these are far trickier to use). Lastly, a smart phone has a greater set of abilities than a website. A smart phone obviously has all the normal abilities of a web site, with added features like GPS, Blue tooth, and accelerometers. These features have allowed phones to accomplish more than ever in the the smart phone era, but also make development harder. Those with only web site development to compare app building with will often be shocked at how all these factors can add time and cost to the project.

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