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What Makes Crafito the Most Advanced Odoo Ecommerce Theme? - Programming Codex

What Makes Crafito the Most Advanced Odoo Ecommerce Theme?

What Makes Crafito the Most Advanced Odoo Ecommerce Theme?

Ecommerce store owners of today prefer to have a website which is robust, looks attractive and works without any glitches. They are always on a look out for a framework which can be easily integrated with their Content Management Systems and ERP. Odoo, (formerly known as Open ERP) is one such platform which has a suite of various app including ecommerce and CMS.

If you want to build your website with Odoo, try using Crafito, an HTML5 based versatile theme built with bootstrap. It has several useful snippets that can help you to design different features of your Odoo corporate website or ecommerce store..

Why Use Crafito

Let us know what makes Crafito the most advanced Odoo Ecommerce Theme and why you should use it.

1. It is fully responsive

The makers of Crafito have taken multi-device approach into consideration to make the theme compatible with different screen sizes and devices including mobile, tablets and desktops. This means your customers can access your website on all devices without facing any loading or surfing issues.

2. It is versatile

Crafito can be used for all types of websites right from small one page sites to huge ecommerce sites. And that is what makes it a multipurpose theme for industry. You can build different features and modules of your website no matter how big or small it is.

3. It can be used for different industries

Every industry has a different requirement. And Crafito is built keeping these diverse design options into consideration. That is what makes it compatible with all the industries and their layout demands.

Theme Features

Let’s take a look at some of its major features:

1. Theme Customization

Using Crafito, you can customize the theme of your website according to your requirements. It is possible to modify the theme, change its layout, colour as well as its font combination. These changes can make your store look quite fancy.

2. Title & Upper Banner Snippet

Using the Title snippet, you can display the main title of your store along with the sub-titles for other categories of products. Crafito also provides with an upper banner snippet using which you can add customized sections to the top bar having breadcrumbs.

3. Home Slider Snippet

Home page banner of an ecommerce store must look enticing in order to attract visitors. Through Crafito’s Home Slider Snippet, you can have a banner having sliding images on your website. Also, there are no limitations to the number of slides you can add to the banner. So feel free to create a colourful slideshow that works according to the timings decided by you.

4. About Us Snippet

Without the ‘About Us’ section, it is difficult to establish the identity of the store. Make use of Crafito’s About Us snippet to provide information about your company as well as the team members that drive your company. Find options to display images of company products along with their descriptions.

5. Special Feature Snippet

When there is a huge pool of products, it becomes difficult to highlight what your company is good at. If you want to highlight the best features of your company’s services/products, do it using the Special Feature Snippet. Crafito enables you to display special features in three different ways. So make the most out of it!

6. Emphasized Services Snippet

Crafito emphasized services snippet helps you to attract the attention of your customers through the special services that you provide. You can put images and text blocks describing the special services and bring it to light for your customers.

7. Newsletter Subscription Snippet

This is a great feature to keep your loyal customers updated about the ongoings of your store. Through the Newsletter Subscription Snippet, you can provide daily updates to your customers directly from your store to their email accounts. Your customers can also subscribe for the latest updates directly from your store. Feel free to add different images and text for the subscription snippets.

8. Contact Us Snippet

Enable your customers to get in touch with the authorities of your store using the Contact Us Snippet. You can provide your contact information including contact number, email address and store address along with classy icons so that your customers can reach you easily.

9. Fact Sheet & Skills Snippet

Crafito’s Fact Sheet Snippet makes it easy for you to display figures and facts about your company. As it is a dynamic snippet, you can show facts about your company with your logo. With the skills snippet, you can flaunt the multiple skills of your working staff and add the percentage of skills with the name and logo.

10. Why Choose Us Snippet

In order to convert visitors into customers and retain them, you need to provide them reasons as to why they should do business with you. Use the ‘Why Choose Us Snippet’ and reveal your message through text blocks accordion blocks and image blocks.

Apart from the above mentioned snippets, you can get many other customizable snippets for maintenance, testimonials, pricing and services. You can know about all these features once you explore the Crafito theme in detail. If you are looking for a customizable and multipurpose bootstrap theme, Crafito is the right choice!

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