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Which IT Professional Services Are Most Effective?

Most Effective IT Professional Services


Introducing cutting-edge advanced IT systems can consistently drive crucial improvements in business processes and achieve benefits through lower costs. This situation requires you to answer a crucial question. Shall we do the work internally or should we ask an IT Professional Services company to carry out it on our behalf. In order to answer this question it is important to analyse the position from 2 viewpoints.

1. You should review the business process to decide whether this process will give you a competitive edge in the market place.

2. You then should analyze integral capability to decide if there are the necessary skills internally to undertake the work.

Does this process contribute to a competitive advantage?

If the result of your process review spotlights that the process will give you a competitive edge then you had better perform the work with your own staff. This will ensure that these critical skills are developed internally and retained as part of the business intellectual property. In the case that you use a IT Professional Services supplier then you run the risk of loss of IPR and soaring costs in the future.

In the case that there is frankly not the ability to perform the process re-engineering and IT work internally then it is critical at a bear minimum to do the architecture and design work internally. This will give you the option to re-source the work to different IT Professional Services suppliers in the future if beneficial.

Finding the right IT Professional Services supplier.

You can adopt one of three choices when finding the best IT supplier.

1. Select one of the top consultancies like IBM, Accenture.

2. Pull in skills through the contract market

3. Find a partner to assist in the selection process.

If you have no budget constraints and would like the convenient option then go for option 1 to find an IT company. If commercials are key and you need to minimise costs then option 2 is preferred. Finally in the case that you only have very limited knowledge of IT sourcing then access some skills through option 3 to find your IT Professional Services supplier.


Source by Alexander Sutherby

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