Which one you should rather use: Golang Vs C++


Have you also found yourself stuck in a situation where you can’t differentiate between Golang and C++? In this blog post, you will get to explore the overall understanding & functions of Golang and C++, etc.

What is Go? 

Golang is an open-source programming-statistically typed language. It was primarily designed by Robert Griesemer, rob pike, and Ken Thompson. Golang is an open-source programming language developed by Google. Golang originally came into existence in the year of 2007.  

There are various companies as well that are using Golang, are Dropbox, Google, uber, etc.

Why should you use go?

There are various reasons to use the Golang programming language mentioned below. 

  • Golang is primarily used for cloud-based and server-side applications. 
  • Golang is built only for software engineers. They have those skills developed within themselves so that only they can use their skills to get those web applications, game applications, and other programming functions, etc. 
  • Golang or Go programming language is also being used in the overall procedure of Data Science. Go has its own concurrency and memory management feature that makes it more vulnerable for the data scientist and analysis of other data in a parallel set. 
  • Go programming language can also be used in serving the fast microservices as a whole. There are major companies such as Uber and BBC that are using Golang for this purpose only. 
  • Golang is a well-scaled web programming language. It’s the ability to support concurrency, and goroutines are at their best. 
  • Golang is a fast and completely easy-to-learn language as it has the most simplified code in the language. You can also hire Golang developers in order to get your functions run.  
  • Golang can also be used by someone who is just a beginner. You can simply learn and make use of the Go programming language. It is so easy to maintain as a whole. 
  • Golang is the internet – friendly to make use of and practice on a day-to-day basis. 

What is C++?

C++ is a general-purpose programming language. C++ is widely used for competitive programming these days. 

It was created in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup. At first, he was inspired by the ordinary nature of simula. He needed a language that is in high-performance. It is popularly known for its widespread usage in software infrastructure. 

C++ is used to implement the low-level infrastructure level. It is also very much popular because it provides a high level of memory and hardware control like C and C++. 

Why should one use C++? 

C++ is widely used for obvious reasons. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

  • C++ programming language is very much popular among software developers because of its high salary perspective. The language itself gained popularity all over the world. There are nearly 4.4 million people who use such languages worldwide. 
  • C++ is also very much used and recommended for its great library support system. This function eventually helps to write the code quickly and in a compacted form. 
  • C++ is also being used because of its wide and large community system. Having a large community eventually helps you if any error occurs and any other support is required. 
  • If you use C++, then it will eventually help you in building the optimum databases. C++ is also considered to be quite a modern language. It supports many back-to-back expressions.
  • C++ is also being used in the overall building of many applications such as youtube, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • C++ is also being used in operating many systems as there are many operating systems such as Windows, Android, etc. They are written in a combination of C and C++.

Although to get the C++ function, you have to install terminals like GCC and Glang in their system, even though multiple companies use C++ as BMW as such. 

Why both languages are so famous?

Golang and C++, both programming languages, are very much famous and Popular. And Golang in itself is efficient, just like C++. 

Golang has indisputable architectural advantages over other predecessors, as Golang uses the main package function, whereas C++ uses the header file function.  

As C++ is so portable to make use of. It can be moved from one platform to another. This is the main reason that so many companies use multi-devices and multi-platforms. 

A simple wrap-up! 

To wrap up the whole article, You have successfully understood the concept of Golang, its features, what are its needs & requirements as per the need of the project & client. 

The blog also unfolds the distinctive features of C++ and the similarities and differences between the two programming languages. 

The entire programming world can be in your hands if you use languages such as C++ and Golang. 

Hope you like the above article!!!

Thank you for reading:) 

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