Why Choose Manual Coding Over Automated Coding for PSD to HTML Conversion

Why Choose Manual Coding Over Automated Coding for PSD to HTML Conversion

PSD to HTML conversion adds interactivity, accessibility, and functionality to an otherwise static design PSD file. There is always a confusion between hand-coded or automated code in the context of pixel-perfect PSD to HTML conversion. This leads to a question, which is a better option for converting PSD to HTML, What is better here, human or technology.

There is much online software doing PSD to HTML conversion claiming to be fast and high-quality in doing PSD conversion into the desired HTML format. One can say that there is stiff competition between man and machine. People with Minimum HTML / CSS knowledge will prefer automated coding whereas skilled web developers with solid knowledge of HTML / XHTML / CSS mark-ups will manually code web layouts more efficiently that turns out in better results. Many professional companies are providing manual PSD to HTML conversion, but choosing the right option is not an easy task.

The hand-coded pixel perfect HTML / CSS coding holds a great significance over the automated version. The fully hand coded and SEO optimized high-speed website plays a very essential role in conveying the right business message to potential online visitors more effectively.

The automated code seems to be fast, cost-effective, but it does lack accuracy. Manual coding is easy-to-read, table-less and error-less code which much-automated software fails to provide. Automatic PSD conversion software works in almost the same predefined way, so the output will always remain the same. You cannot modify or personalize your website according to your likes or need in such cases, it tends to be a complex procedure.

Not a very cheap and quick automated conversion: Automated coding software seems to offer quick and affordable conversions, but looking at the problems they create in the output it often leads to starting the overall procedure again. So it is practically failing in its initial promise of the cheap and quick conversion process.

Bug-free code: Automated software can’t guarantee bug-free code. Bugs in the code will affect the overall look and functionality of the website. To deliver quality output PSD to HTML code has to be bug-free.

Risk Factor: Manual coding done through expert and professional web developers are always optimized, easy to read, tableless and error-free which automated software fails to provide. So there is always a high risk of getting the top quality PSD to HTML conversion.

SEO friendly Manual code: code generated from automated software is not SEO friendly so there is no point in using it. Website backend code has to be Google-friendly if you wish to use it on the internet. To promote the website online, it has to be SEO friendly. Hand-coded websites are always SEO friendly, W3C compliant, Editable, attractive and engaging both. So chances of it providing more traffic are always higher in Manual coding.

Being a meticulous work, an experienced programmer with the strong knowledge of HTML / XHTML / CSS mark-ups including web programming manually code web layouts more efficiently that gives better results in terms of browser compatibility, clean and optimized code, pixel perfection which is needed for customer satisfaction and good online performance.

Overall by keeping in mind all the above reasons, it is always good to say yes to manual code rather than automated code in PSD to HTML conversion.

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