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Why Is Cloud Computing Gaining in Popularity? - Programming Codex

Why Is Cloud Computing Gaining in Popularity?

You’ve probably heard about Cloud computing. Essentially, the “cloud” refers to the Internet and is web-based processing. To a certain extent we are already living in the cloud. Google, Salesforce, Yahoo, Rackspace, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and a host of other big name companies make up the cloud. They provide a la carte services – email, customer relationship management, online storage, software, social networking – to your laptop, desktop, netbook, or even wireless phone.

Customization and the creation of a user-defined experience are key elements. Typically cloud providers deliver common business applications like the ones mentioned above that are accessed from another Internet service or web browser.

The cloud is gaining in popularity for several reasons.

It is agile. Users are able to rapidly and inexpensively re-provision technological infrastructure resources.

It is cost-effective. Capital expenditures like the purchase of server equipment are converted to operational expenses.

It is infinitely mobile. Users can access a system using a web browser regardless of their location or what device they are using.

It is easier to maintain since services don’t have to be installed on every user’s computer. They are also easier to support and improve since updates automatically and instantly reach the user group.

As long as multiple redundant sites are used, cloud computing is particularly suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery services. However, many major cloud services have suffered outages. When this happens, local IT and business managers are at the mercy of the service provider.

One thing is for sure, cloud computing services will only become more available over time. To learn more about cloud computing or any other services provided by Rx-IT Solutions, please visit

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