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Why Is Node JS Becoming Popular?

Why Is Node JS Becoming Popular?

In simpler words, Node.js surpasses other available web applications by replacing the WebSockets with the extensive push technology. Wondering what is so special about it? Before this JavaScript framework came into the big picture, only the client had authority to start the communication. Now, building web applications having two-way real-time connections is absolutely easy with Node.js. Applications built using this JavaScript language allow both client and server to build communication along with exchanging important data.

Moreover, this framework leverages JavaScript that makes the process of devising customised web applications as per the business demands extremely smoother and easier. Read on and know how this JavaScript framework can bring a revolution in the web development field.

Why Is Backend Development Important?

While planning to build a software, developers need to think a lot about the backend technology. The groundwork of the development process depicting the total cost involved and how fast the team can release the software in the market depends on this backend technology.

More strong and powerful backend technology makes sure lower maintenance cost in the longer run. Reliability, scalability and speed of the software also depend on the backend technology. Hence, it is easily understandable that backend development is very crucial in the software development process.

Now, look at some of the revolutionary changes brought by Node.js in the web development field.

> Lightening Fast

Node.js allows the developers to devise highly scalable and fast network applications that have the capabilities of handling great numbers of simultaneous connections, which have high throughput. Google Chrome’s V8 virtual machine can compile as well as execute the JavaScript at the speed of lightning. More interestingly, there is a thread in Node.js that performs all kind of I/O operations in an asynchronous way making the process faster. According to experts, Node.js outperforms the PHP almost by 17% in the terms of handling HTTP requests per second.

> Lightweight

Node.js follows an event-driven architecture, which means every single call and operation is just like a series of the asynchronous callback. Due to this, unlike other popular web application development technologies, it can run on a single thread. Obviously, this process makes this JavaScript language extremely lightweight.

> Smoother Development and Better Performance

In terms of efficiency, the full-stack JavaScript is a force multiplier. The same team can efficiently handle both front-end and backend that leads to improved architecture and consistency.

Moreover, building real-time applications following an agile method is possible using this advanced JavaScript language.

Other than all the above-mentioned points, Node.js offers the freedom to creativity, abundant resources like NPM (Node Package Manager), which is a shared library of modules and tools. Additionally, web applications developed using this web development framework are more scalable.

This JavaScript framework is very popular among the startups. However, big names like Netflix, Paypal, eBay, Microsoft, Uber etc. are also using this feature-rich web development framework.

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