Why Purchased Web Filters Are Way Better Than Free Web Filters

The Internet predators are lurking around every corner, so now that has caused mothers and fathers to install web filters that protects themselves and their loved ones. But unfortunately, most of these parents throw their hands up in despair when they find out that the “free” porn blocker they installed isn’t very effective in blocking mature websites. It would rather block an online swimsuit store. Most parents who bought an accurate web filter would tell you that it was one of their purchases to install one. Will you do the same?

“Not All Blogs Are Created Equal…”

Back in the day, (and even now) blogs were used as online journals. But now there are a great many “blogs” that are used just like a porn site; containing explicit images and more! If you are thinking that the protection of children online is decreasing then you are right. Google doesn’t have the eyes of a human, it can only see words. Google’s best protection is probably blocking keywords that have mature meanings. For example: If you searched for desktop wallpapers of the ocean; you’re likely to come across pictures of swimsuit models. Do you see? Blocking keywords isn’t enough. A word like “Playboy” will of course get blocked, but what about “White House”? The temptations (especially for guys) are everywhere… Internet, television, magazines, posters, and even video games!

What Needs To Be Done?

When examine the facts, you’ll discover that the porn is a “million-to-billion” dollar industry. So when you put obscene content in front of a young man, who thinks of the opposite gender in a different way than when he was a kid, he’ll most likely fall for the bait, ensnaring himself forever, unless… you stop it.

How To Save That Young Man?

If you have a son who is already addicted to pornography, I urge you to act now. Before the porn has a deeper hold on him, you need purchase an effective porn blocker that works accurately and automatically. With a web filter, the parent is able to make the porn-blocking software “uninstallable”, by locking it with a password. Whenever the parent should uninstall the program, all they need to do is put in the correct password.

How To Block Some Blogs, But Not All?

Your child may be follow a friends blog, but that exposes them to problem I mentioned above, so what should you do? Should you set your web filter to block all blogs, or should you just leave everything the way it was (but obviously you love your child, and will never do that)… so what are the other options if any? This is the problem that parents face when they’ve installed a free web filter. A free filter is not intelligent enough to distinguish between good blogs and bad ones. Fortunately, there are purchasable porn blockers that has that function, and plus, you don’t even need to set it manually! They operate automatically.

So buy a good web filter, and say good bye to pornography forever…

Source by Tom Swift

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