Windows 7 Password Reset – How to Get Back Into a Windows 7 PC If You Forgot the Password

There’s nothing more frustrating to a Windows computer user than forgetting your Windows 7 password. The password for your system is the first line of defense, and if you forget it, there are very few ways to regain access to your PC without “hacking” it yourself. Fortunately, there’s now a way you can “reset” the password on your system to allow you to log back into your Windows 7 system without having to type in any details. This tutorial is going to show you how to reset your Windows 7 password to log back into your system…

If you want to regain access to your PC, you need to be able to do one of two things. You either need to be able to “remove” your password from the system, or change it to something you know – allowing you to log back in again. Because changing the password of a current Windows installation is impossible, most people are now turning to “remove” their stored password (otherwise known as “resetting” it). Resetting the password of your PC entails being able to use a special piece of software which will load up before Windows loads, and then change the stored details that are on your system to enable you to log in without the need for a password.

We are fortunate in that all Windows passwords are stored in exactly the same way – in a series of files & settings on your hard drive which have fortunately remained constant for the entire life of Windows. This means that we can now use a new type of software that’s recently been launched to load up before Windows does, log into your hard drive, identify the stored password settings and then change them. This new type of software is known as “password resetter” software, and will basically change your stored password to remove it from your PC – allowing you to log in to your computer again without the need for a password to be inputted.

The way to reset the Windows 7 password on your system is to first download some password reset software onto a PC you do have access to. All these reset programs are generally the same – they will install a graphical application on a system you have access to, and then create a boot CD with a separate piece of software on. This bootable CD should then be loaded onto your locked computer, where it will then load up and change the files which store the password for your PC. After restarting your system, you will then be able to log back in, without losing any of your programs / data or damaging your system.

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