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Writing For the Web – Characteristics of SEO Articles

Writing For the Web - Characteristics of SEO Articles


Most businesses need web content or articles written for the web because that is their primary way of directing people to their website. Obviously the more people that come to a site (high traffic) the more likely they are to buy that company’s product or service.

Businesses want the right mix of people to come to their site and in order to attract the right clientele, they put up web content that is relevant and targeted to their market. Businesses choose SEO (search engine optimized) content to display on their website so that visitors searching for their content will find it on the search engines.

Writing for the web entails good use of keyword research to know what people are searching for online combined with smooth, flowing writing for human readers.

A good SEO-optimized article will contain the following characteristics:

  • be easy to scan online since web readers judge the content by its layout
  • be easy to read online since web readers typically have low attention thresholds
  • have an attention-catching headline
  • get to the point of the article in the first line and follow emphatically from there
  • make good use of keywords in the title, subtitle and subheading (as well as image captions if any)
  • flow smoothly and be a delight to read
  • contain short chunky paragraphs no more than 50-75 words
  • make good use of bullets and lists where they will illustrate the point more succinctly
  • get rid of tired language and inconsistent tenses
  • use active voice, not passive voice

The above characteristics will not only make your articles easy to find on the net, but also easy to read, thus driving more relevant traffic to your site. Writing for the web takes practice and patience, so remember to write for SEO and to write often!


Source by Salma Jafri

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