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XML – Advantages of XML Conversion


XML – Extensible Markup Language. It is a collection of rules for encoding data, information, documents electronically. But the question is why we use XML document? Why we need to convert any data into XML format?

Following are benefits and features of converting data into XML:

o It focus on offering structured documents over the web.

o It is a mechanism to identify structures in a document in a reliable manner.

o The specification defines a standard way to add markup to documents.

o XML design goals emphasize generality, simplicity and usability over the internet.

o It is used in interchanging data over the internet.

o It is a textual data format, with support via Unicode for the languages of the world.

o Structure information contains content such as picture, words, etc.

o XML tags are predefined, so you can define your own tags

o Documents are composed of markup and content.

o Even though XML’s design focuses on documents, it is extensively used for the representation of arbitrary data structures.

o It is designed rationally, to be companionable with existing standards while solving the relatively new issue of sending richly structured documents over the internet.

o It supports the direct use of almost any Unicode character in element names, attributes, comments, character data and processing instructions.

o Now days, there are a diverse of programming interfaces which software developers may use to access XML data, and several schema systems designed to aid in the definition of XML based languages.

o XML shall support a broad variety of different application such as browsing, content analysis, authoring, etc.

Finally I can say that by converting your important data into XML format is not a wrong choice because XML document is widely accepted and very useful in various business industries.


Source by Adison Patel

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